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Eastern South Dakota, Northwest Iowa and Southwest Minnesota Commercial Real Estate Appraisals

Offering accurate and unbiased estimates of the market value for a wide variety of commercial properties in Eastern South Dakota, Northwest Iowa and Southwest Minnesota, Elwood & Martin Appraisals, LLC provides professional and accredited appraisals services. We work for a range of industries that include any types of proposed or existing retail properties, corporate / office buildings of all sizes; hotels, motels; multifamily, and detailed appraisals for land developers and much more.

Commercial Real Estate Valuations

Whether you require a market value figure for a single property, or a detailed evaluation for your entire portfolio of real estate in Eastern South Dakota, Northwest Iowa and Southwest Minnesota, we will provide an unbiased market evaluations for:

  • New and existing properties
  • Vacant land Hotel and motels office buildings
  • Mixed office/Corporate / Industrial warehouse facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Shopping centers / Plaza strip malls
  • Automotive centers / Car dealerships
  • Medical clinics
  • Senior living facilities
  • Condominiums and other investment properties
  • Multifamily facilities
  • Virtually all commercial real estate in Sioux Falls and surrounding area

Detailed Appraisal Reports

A professional commercial appraisal not only determines the market value of the primary property itself, but also factors in rental rates and expenses paid out for maintenance among many other specifics. Unlike a residential appraisal where the inspection makes up the bulk of the estimation, a commercial appraisal includes a series of additional elements essential to an accurate financial evaluation. Our detailed documentation reflects the value of a property within a standard and relevant set of aspects.

Elements of a Commercial Appraisal Service

Elwood & Martin Appraisals, LLC appraisers begin by researching public records on prior owners, obtain zoning records, and investigate demographic information. In addition, sales and rental comparisons and cost breakdowns are compiled into a detailed analysis that also includes standard information on the building’s unique characteristics; its proximity to local transportation and other significant points of interest. The general condition of the structure, roof, and all interior and exterior features are also assembled into the final summary.

Why Contact a Commercial Real Estate Appraiser?

Professional appraisals are crucial when an objective estimate of market value is required . We provide the expertise necessary for making informed estimates in the areas of:

  • Commercial property financing appraisals
  • Appraisals for foreclosures
  • Estate planning, liquidations and settlements
  • Unbiased asset valuations

Elwood & Martin Appraisals, LLC offers extensive experience and knowledge within the industrial, commercial and investment buildings real estate sector in Eastern South Dakota, Northwest Iowa and Southwest Minnesota and has established a substantial database that allows us to accurately identify trends, financial risks and future projections.

Additional reasons for consulting with Elwood & Martin Appraisals, LLC

  • Feasibility studies
  • Market rent and trend studies

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